About the Division for Innovation Education

Our university has established the "Division for Innovation Education" to strengthen the university startup ecosystem and promote the launch of ventures from our university. We will take charge of educational activities such as "technical specialist development," "entrepreneur development," and "innovation education," which have been conducted by the staff of the Institute for Research Initiatives and each division, to establish a framework to promote and continuously develop innovation education throughout the university.


Our Programs

Based on the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) Next Generation Entrepreneurship Development and Promotion Project (EDGE-NEXT), we aim to develop human resources capable of creating innovation. We mainly operate "GEIOT," an entrepreneurship development program for students and working adults, and "cross X cross," an international workshop to cultivate thinking skills to create solutions to global social issues.

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Other Collaborative Programs

The Keihanshin Startup Academia Coalition (*1) provides strong support for the practical application of outstanding technology seeds generated by universities and for the development of human resources with entrepreneurial skills, thereby ensuring the sustainable creation of startups with a large social impact that will lead to social change and solutions to social issues after Corona. The purpose of the program is to build a system In addition to 15 universities in the Kansai region, 41 organizations from industry, finance, and government will participate to contribute to the formation of a startup ecosystem in the Kansai region. ※1 Keihanshin Startup Academia Coalition is a project adopted in 2021 as part of the Research Results Deployment Program for New Industry Creation from Universities <Support for Startup Ecosystem Formation through University-Ecosystem Promotion>.