NCKU-NAIST Design Thinking WS2024 was held in Taiwan

As part of our Global Entrepreneurship Training program, we revisited the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) in Taiwan, similar to last year. During this visit, we conducted a four-day workshop where mixed teams of local students and our students carried out field research to generate new business ideas.

This year, the workshop included a total of 19 students, comprised of selected participants from the GEIOT program, the Touchstone program, and the Green Bioeconomy Fellowship (GBEF).

 Date: March 1st (Friday) to March 5th (Tuesday), 2024

 Participants: 19 students and 6 faculty members, totaling 25 attendees.

March 1st (Fri.): Opening Session at NCKU

Originally scheduled to start at 18:00, unexpected delays in local transportation, due to the large size of our group, pushed the commencement to just past 19:30. Despite the late start, faculty and students from NCKU warmly welcomed us.

Opening Remarks

Professor Chen, Dean of the Department of Planning and Design at NCKU, and Professor Iida, Head of the Innovation Education Department at NAIST.

Special Lecture

A special lecture by Professor Victor on the topics of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Industrial Design




Teaming and Icebreaking

March 2nd (Sat.) NCKU x NAIST Field Research

Despite experiencing the coldest weather of the year accompanied by light rain, participants engaged in on-site research of Tainan's rich tourism resources. Interviews were conducted with local business owners, and the data gathered was used to explore ideas aimed at attracting Japanese tourists, leveraging the unique characteristics of the region.


In the evening, we were treated to an opening dinner, which also served as a networking event.


March 3rd (Sun.)  NCKU x NAIST Ideation and Mentoring

The day began with an input lecture by Professor Chen, Dean of the Department of Planning and Design at NCKU. Following the lecture, participants utilized the insights gathered from previous research to brainstorm ideas and begin creating presentation materials. In the evening, staff provided mentoring to support the development of these projects.




March 4th (Mon.) NCKU x NAIST Idea Presentation and Award Ceremony

On the final day of the workshop, teams presented their developed business ideas in a contest format. Three teams were recognized and awarded for their innovative contributions.



The event concluded with a group photo, capturing the collective effort of all participants. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.