Information on "CrossXCross Workshop" and "Fundamentals of Innovation"

The "Crossover Type Idea Workshop CrossXCross (Cross by Cross)," which has been conducted as a project of EDGE-NEXT, the Next Generation Entrepreneurship Development Program of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), until fiscal 2021, will be succeeded by the joint program "[KSAC] Crossover Type Idea Workshop - New Society and New Businesses Together -" co-hosted by KSAC and Osaka Innovation Hub from fiscal 2022. The Innovation Education Division will open a lecture course "Fundamentals of Innovation" for internal students based on this program. In the "Fundamentals of Innovation," students will improve their problem-solving skills, which are indispensable for realizing innovation, and at the same time, "facilitation skills" to lead discussions for idea creation will also be developed.

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