Call for pariticiapnts to the internship event "Multinational Multi-University Venture Life Challenge2023" (organized by Kyushu University)

We are seeking participants for the Innovation Oriented Internship Program as titled above. As the number of participants is limited to 25 in total, including other university students, applicants are requested to contact the Innovation Education Department as soon as possible.


  • Dates: August 17, 2023 (Thursday) ~ August 27 (Sunday), including a 2-day excursion to the Ito Campus area of Kyushu University
  • Program overview: A PBL-type program in which participants will solve fundamental management problems presented by companies that maintain a strong spirit of innovation.
  • Team formation: Diverse teams (approx. 4 students per team) will be formed by taking into consideration nationality, university affiliation, and major.
  • Number of applicants: Approximately 25 for the entire program *Selection will be made in case of oversubscription
  • Language: In principle, communication among students will be in English.
  • For details, please refer to the PDF file linked at the end of this document.


  • The university will provide financial support for transportation and lodging for NAIST students. If you wish to apply for this support, please contact the Innovation Education Division ( prior to applying for participation (until 5/29).
  • To register for the conference, please fill out the Google Form provided in the PDF file (until 5/31).

Venture Life Challenge 2023募集要項_EN.pdf

Venture Life Challenge 2023募集要項_JP.pdf

For more information, please contact the Innovation Education Department (