NAIST KSAC Global Business Challenge 2023 was held in Taiwan

Division for innovation education in NAIST held the International Entrepreneurship Training CrossXCrossNAIST KSAC Global Business Challenge 2023.

Participants participated a workshop (Tainan) with National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan and then visited Startup Terrace, a startup support center in Kaohsiung and Linkou, respectively.


Dates: March 19 (Sun.) to 22 (Wed.), 2023

Participants: 7 students + 6 faculty members, 13 in total

March 20 (Monday) Session with National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Taiwan

We have been in contact with National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) in Taiwan since 2020, when we remotely co-hosted an international workshop during the Corona disaster.

Finally, we were able to hold a workshop there. Although masks were still required to be worn, the workshop was a lively exchange of pitches and discussions that could only take place in the local community.


■ Greetings

 Prof. Chen, Dean of NCKU School of Planning and Design, Prof. Yen, NCKU Startup Promotion Division, and Prof. Iida, Director of NAIST Innovation Education Division



■ Pitch session by students (3 teams each from NCKU and NAIST)



■ Program report on design thinking and co-creation

 Associate Professor Yang, Creative Industry Design Institute, NCKU




■  Campus tours (Jiqiang Campus and Guangfu Campus)

  1. Innovation Headquarters, NCKU
  2. RAC-Coon
  3. Virtual Studio


■  Special Lecture

 Special lecture by Prof. Kato (NAIST) --Introduction of the latest VR/AR technologies-- 



■  Get-togethers


Campus tours (Jiqiang Campus and Guangfu Campus)

■ Greetings

Greetings from Mr. Lin, Startup Terrace Project Secretariat



■ Activities Introduction

 About Startup Terrace Kaohsiung by Mr Kuan



■ Labo Tour




3March 22 (Wed) Startup Terrace Linkou (New Taipei City)

■ Introduction of initiatives

Mr. Daniel, Manager of Startup Terrace ABA Base, explained about Startup Terrace Linkou's activities.



■ Introduction of support

  Ms. Rebecca, Associate Researcher of Law, explained about startup support in Taiwan.



■ Tour of the building